Unit 409 Admiralty Building Ayala Alabang


Tagaytay Highlands, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines


Property for sale at Tagaytay, Highlands
Lot: 485 m2
House: 260 m2
First floor: Kitchen, dirty kitchen, dining area, master bedroom, master bathroom
Second floor: 3 bedrooms, large bathroom, TV and relaxation area, some area opens up down to first floor
Basement: 1 bedroom, large bathroom, 2 storage rooms
Swimming Pool: Pump room is under ground

This very special house has been built as directed by its Norwegian owner to meet the design and standards of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway and Sweden) that is always the first region of the world to apply new design, new technology and new building materials.

The design opens up towards the back of the house with huge windows that provides a view of the hillside while it protects the privacy of the owner at the sides and towards the road exactly as required by the Scandinavians. The back part of the lot with the swimming pool is accessible through 3 big sliding doors directly from the kitchen/dining area and another sliding door from the first floor master bedroom from which you can step out and directly into the private pool to get a comfortable start of the day.

Special Scandinavian imports:
1. Classical Scandinavian designer kitchen with complete sections of drawers, cupboards and mahogany kitchen tops imported from Scandinavia
2. 2 bathrooms, first and second floor
a. Cabinets with drawers and cupboards imported from Scandinavia
b. Double washbasin in granite imported from Scandinavia (Italian design)
c. 2 Grohe or Hans Grohe taps for wash basin
d. 2 Grohe or Hans Grohe thermostatic mixer for bathtub and shower
3. Dirty kitchen cabinets sections with drawers and cupboards imported from Scandinavia
4. Nordic ashwood parquet flooring for first floor with very special pattern. This wood can be sanded and lacquered/varnished three times, normally interval between each lacquering is 17 years in Scandinavia
5. Gorenjeplus kitchen appliances. Top of the line products from Gorenje Group (one of the leading European home appliance manufacturers). The appliances are using inverter and heat pump technologies to reduce electrical energy consumption:
a. 2 refrigerators each 327 litres built into kitchen section with kitchen cabinet doors
b. Dish washing machine built into kitchen section with kitchen cabinet door (installed up from floor for more comfortable use (Scandinavian requirement not to bend down to floor)
c. Big built-in (only front visible) oven with automatic cleaning (pyrolysis)
d. Built-in (only front visible) microwave oven
e. Built-in kitchen top cooking range with 2 electrical induction heaters and a gas range with two burners
f. Built-in advanced coffee machine to make coffee from whole beans with grinding functionality or using pre-ground coffee
g. Big washing machine and dryer installed up from floor in dirty kitchen for more comfortable use (Scandinavian requirement)
6. Centralized vacuum cleaner (Canadian brand). No need to carry vacuum cleaner around, just connect the vacuuming hose to the wall socket for the hose and the vacuum cleaner in the basement will automatically start sucking the dust and dirt down through pipes in the wall down to the basement. The dust is collected in a container without the use of vacuum cleaner bags.
7. Kitchen fan from Philippines
8. Four crystal chandeliers imported from the Bohemian area of the Check Republic (world famous centre of crystal chandelier manufacturing)

Other special features of the house, i.e. Scandinavian requirements:
1. Centralised hot water heater covering all bathrooms and washbasins of the whole house
2. Potable water installed with kitchen sink: filter for cleansing of particles and UV radiation to kill micro organismes in order to sterilise water.
3. Water softener system is installed to remove calcium, magnesium and metals from the water. The maintenance of the water softener system is automated and the only manual action needed is to fill up with 6 kilos of salt once per week. This reduces the need for soap and makes all washing much easier. It also removes the sticky feeling of the skin that is experienced with hard water, please see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_softening
4. All led lights (inside and outside), mostly imported, but also many from the Philippines.
5. 8 split-type Daikin airconditions with special low noise functionality installed, one independent aircondition per room
6. Preparations made for solar power on roof
7. Decra roofing for whole house with polycarbonate cover for basement entrance.

The Tagaytay Highlands community is a very safe gated community with many 24 hours on-site guards.


As each week draws to an end, the air buzzes with anticipation. Each moment is spent imagining the chill in the air, the scent of pine mingling with cedar, the sound of your golf driver as it slices through the air,a nd the sweetness of hot chocolate warming your insides.

Just what is it about Tagaytay Highlands that makes your weekends special? More than the exclusivity, more than the luxury, more than the finer things in life, it’s the great destination you can call your own.

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